Art Nouveau Appliqued Cushion

My latest make – an appliquéd cushion. The design is available (for free) from the fantastic Craftsmanspace site:  click for link – Vectorised Design Elements 7.

There are loads of types of designs for all sorts of things in lots of formats, including SVGs. There is a rabbit in the Stencil section that is next on my list of appliqué ambitions.

The design was first Bondawebbed inplace then zig-zagged over to keep it secure. The fabric is a wool-rich subtle herringbone tweed. The design is cut from 100% good quality cotton. The cushion filler is duck feather for its plush plumpness and luxury. I’m taking it to a craft fair this Sunday but will be sorry to part with it if it sells.

The garden is springing to life with colour and blooms. My knowledge isn’t great as I’m no gardener but I do appreciate the vibrancy and richness of colour they give to the garden palette. I think these are African Marigolds but I could be wrong…

Here’s my Buddha. He sits under a lush bush of Rosemary. I might move him some time but will need help as he’s very heavy.

Wandering down the path is some Sweet William. Very fresh, delicate and pretty in the bright blue.


Yellow poppies. These grow in gorgeous splashes all over the place. This patch sit in front of some purple-flowered Honesty. It also goes by the name of ‘Silver Dollar’ plant on account of its lovely seed pods. When the flowers die off, the seed pods develop as flat, silvery translucent discs. They make for very pretty dried flower arrangements and last forever.

The house is a metal tealight house that I’m leaving outside to weather a little bit.

These are white flowers. I haven’t a clue what they’re called but I have a bank of them. They sprawl and flower in a carpet of small white flowers.

No picture today but my daisies are looking fabulous. One spread has over eighty blooms now. His Lovely Bones helped create them and they are my most beloved of all the flowers in the garden.

Later in the year the hydrangeas will grow their cheer-leader pom-poms. I have three down the bottom of the garden and three in my front garden. Big, mature huge pom-poms. They are ostentacious, outrageously loud, colourful. and, I have to say, gorgeous!

Well, more prep for the craft fair to get on with.

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