Knotty Issues

Early Saturday morning I had a burst of creativity and cut some squares of creamy-white linen to play with. I wet them and placed them on a glass chopping board (the usual kitchen type). Then I got out my watercolours and dripped then gently brushed them along the fabric to create a moody blue ombre-ish effect. To lift it a little, I very sparingly applied some irridescent fabric paint (the photo hasn’t picked up the teeny sparkles but they’re there and catch the light nicely but not for the camera).

I have other squares in greens, pinks and blues and like the effect. I spotted this little bluey one with lots of French Knots and Specking or Seed stitches to make a colourful teeny tree. It’s sewn up and filled with stuffing and lavender to add to my ever-growing collection of lavender sachets!

Anyway, here we are again. Monday. The weather started grim and grey with every indication of turning into a soggy mess. The day did, apparently, start off well. It started with a COMMENT! Yes, a real Not-Bot comment! Yee Haaa. Whoop Whoop. I thought, ‘Mrs Trellis of South Wales has been very active today!’

Then I read it LINK

My heart sank. Nobody comments to say they received files they have bought from me to show that I am a trusted seller – yes, I am – but there is no feedback to reassure anyone out there.

Nobody comments to say my posts are interesting/inspiring/pretty/useful  or to say Thank You for the free stuff I give away, etc etc etc.

Just a negative comment. You can see why I might be disappointed.

Luckily, the blog has a major organisational function for me and helps me keep track of my files and pictures so I have no emotional neediness to be ‘super-liked’ or anything. I don’t aspire to be the next ‘Martha’ so increasing traffic isn’t my driver (ha ha, punned without even trying).

I sell some files but it certainly isn’t a business or realise any kind of livable income! In fact, when I started the blog I made everything free – everything. Even now, if I got no sales at all it wouldn’t make a bit of difference to me. You’ll notice my site is clean – no ads, no blinkies, no blog hops, no linky parties, no sponsorship. I like it this way. I have no interest in fake ‘likes’ and you-scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours type of thing. All mine. All graphics, all photography, all files, all copy (the writing). Mine. That’s the beauty of self-hosting.

The total silence on the comment front didn’t bother me until I stumbled upon a forum where a bunch of people happily enthused with one another about how pretty my site was and how lovely my cutting files were and they were free and ‘get over there’… Like locusts. It disgusted me that there were such ingrates and rude people out there. What hurt was that I was sharing and hoping that others liked and enjoyed the free files and tutorials and naively thought it was appreciated rather than feeling like a sucker. And that’s when I started to charge for some of my files. They’d be free to this day if it hadn’t been for that forum I found.

Anyhow, at least the comment serves to ‘prove’ I do send the file to the buyer. That I do respond with help and that there is actually a human being on this side of the blog. Just saying.

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