Putting my fat feet up for a couple of days

Fat Feet

Just had to post these cute big  fat slippers I got at the weekend. They are the the slouchiest, smeggiest, comfiest bit of kit for my feet. All cotton and perfect for lounging around in. HE thinks they look like oven gloves. I think they’re dead cute and am loving them. I took the top picture myself looking down at my feet then rotated the image 180° to give you a different perspective on them.

Hello! What’s my Christmas Pudding mold doing out in April???


And it’s lined with clingfilm… hmmm what’s happening here?

I’ll give you a big clue. It IS edible (OMG, is it?!) and it’s Earth Day tomorrow…… sure you can guess now.

Will be popping out for some white chocolate to melt some over the ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ trying to keep them poles apart…. (bigger clue for the hard of thinking’ here – not being judgemental just keeping it light for a smile or possible amusement).

Final touches will be to print a logo or flag, if I can find a suitable image for Gaia or Gaea, depending on how you prefer to spell it.  If I find one, will print and glue it to a cocktail stick then pop it on top.

Just in case you don’t know, Gaia was a Greek goddess and the birth mother of our beautiful planet, in fact, (‘fact’ –  well, you know what I mean), not only gave birth to mother Earth but the whole of the universe. She was a very busy lady and must get showered with presents every Mothers’ Day).

Anyway, whatever you do tomorrow, if you’re not actually celebrating Earth Day at least send our planet some love! It could do with it.

A card

The first card I’ve made since Christmas. I find card making a real chore and over-complicate them by designing the middle first – usually creating a pop-up just so I can use the Cougar and possibly show off a little bit. That’s time consuming. It’s laborious in that pop-up design can be fairly iterative in that it takes a few cutting outs and tweaks before it’s ready to go. Not forgetting problems with the carrier sheet – too sticky, not sticky enough… it can become very (s)wearing.

Then I think about the front… by that time I’m bored silly with the bloody thing. Done the hard bit. BUT the biggest problem is then that I haven’t made a standard size and have to make a bloody silly envelope to put the damn thing in. Bleh.

Yesterday was the crisis of realisation. It was the day of the birthday. Do I kick the hephalump slippers off and trundle myself off to the shops to buy one? Or just make one?

I made one. This time I got smart and started with the envelope size! Ya-Ha! After that, the rest was a breeze. loved watercolouring. Loved printing text on a path to personalise the greeting inside (font is Peach Sundress – free from Da Font if you’re interested). It was a pleasure to do. Ahh.

Inside the card:

Well, that’s all folks, till next time. Be good and play nicely.

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