It never rains

It never rains but it pours like a teapot at a garden party!

I’ve been sewing like a mad thing lately – I was getting some stock ready for a craft fair on Saturday. The number of times I had to convert inches to millimetres and vice-versa was very annoying.  I finally created a chart to pin on my notice board so I could see at a glance the conversions I wanted. Am sharing it with you and hope it proves helpful.

Now the craft fair… oh dear. The rain LASHED down and it was so cold! Not surprisingly, very few people ventured out to see the lovely crafts that everyone had brought for the day. It was a tremendous shame. Still, I met some really nice folks and enjoyed the diversity of talents and crafts there on the day.

Here’s a picture of my stall nearly set up. Some things I took along as samples for custom orders.

Sadly, there was very little footfall though I did sell a couple of things.  The day wasn’t a complete wash-out, thanks to the nice peeps and the friendly atmosphere – just didn’t make me a weekend millionaire!

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