Treasure Hunt

Lucky, lucky, lucky find! A visit to a local charity shop yielded this amazing treasure trove. Bags of ‘lucky dip’ bags of beady things – bracelets, necklaces, etc for €1 each. The tub above cost me €3.00. I soon chopped through the manky old strings and nylon bindings holding them together and gave them a quick wash with some detergent (Fairy – Pomegranate scent, my favourite at the moment).

They’re mostly ceramic or glass with a few wooden ones. They are so FAB I love them. So very lucky find, I think.

Modge, Podge and a Recipe Book

A variation of Efemera’s owl template can be found on the net. I thought I had saved the link – I think if you search for ‘Gataria’s fold-over owl’ you should find it easily enough. Let me know if you can’t find it and want the template as I have amended it and added to it a little so think I can probably give it away for free.

Anyhoo, her pattern makes for a flatter back and a more rounded, Friar Tuck fat belly. He’s called ‘Podge’. He looks like he’s a very well fed owl; very content!

I enlarged the pattern and made a template from A3 paper (300 gsm, Modged to keep it clean and as durable as possible).  He’s sitting on what will be the cover for a recipe book when I get the inner papers and Bind It All on the job. The paper is from a swatch of wallpaper that we got from B & Q. We bought some rolls as well to do some would you believe, wallpapering!  The covers are made from the thick, hard cardboard that backs ‘proper’ water colour pads and the wallpaper is Modged on and Modged over.


And some babies. Cute little fella’s.

Lemon Curd Ice Cream

I was going through some recipe books looking for inspirational recipes and dug out some old WI books. These are fab and I don’t think you can get the boxed set like this anymore but you can get the individual books (Amazon!).

I love these books. The retro design looks fresh and modern these days (have to say they’re not THAT old) 2002, I think… but everything about them is just so gorgeous.

Anyway, I made some Lemon Curd Ice Cream – so simple! Jar of lemon curd (1lb), large pot (says 1lb) of natural yoghurt, 1/2 pt whipping cream and the juice and zest of a fresh lemon. Blend and beat till smooth then pour into a suitable container and freeze. It’s THAT easy. The ice cream was delicious. My hubs loves citrussy things but likes a bit of sweetness with them. This hit the spot for him – in a total knock-out fab-U-lous make some more kind of way! Well, what domestic Goddess doesn’t appreciate that kind of compliment?! My smugness and gloaty face put Mrs Doyle with her Sheep Tea proud face to shame!

The shelf unit thing make over

I never take before pictures. I wish I could remember.  I will in future. You’ll just have to picture it in your mind’s eye.

It was pine. Dirty. Had no back. No dowelling piece across the top.

Now it’s painted and lined with wallpaper (Modged, of course). A hardboard back was attached and a length of dowelling (also papered and Modged) was drilled through and inserted to form a hanging ‘rail’.

A different shot which, because of the angle I took the shot, makes the dowelling look as though it’s not straight. An effect called Parallax. Sounds like a toilet cleaner, doesn’t it?

Lookee here! See the fat bead on the end of the dowelling – size of a medium conker. It’s wooden and painted in beautiful shades of midnight blue, rich egg -yolky yellow, cobalt blue, and limey greens to match the paper.

A different bead on the other end (I didn’t have a matching pair).  Same size as the other but the colours are lovely and match the paper brilliantly.

The shelf will be mounted on the wall in my little sewing room as somewhere to keep folders of appliqué stencils. The dowelling is perfect for hanging things over. It will be very useful to me and beautifully decorative.

Stoned Love

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