Have a heart!

Well, Christmas is all boxed up and put away.  So, what’s next? Valentine’s Day, that’s what. Have just recently sold a couple of SVG paper cutting files; one  called Love Pop Up,  and the other ‘ Loving You Heart‘   which reminded me that it was coming up.

A good prod to think of something for this year.  But what? Damfino. Just scratching my head at the moment but will give it some thought. Also need to shake off the Christmas pounds (the extra-extra ones, lol) so I can get into a Wiggle Dress in time to dress up pretty on the day.

I thought about a heart garland bit it’s something for the house rather than something personal. Looks nice on the big willow surround, though, doesn’t it? Hmmm but The Card? I’ll keep thinking.

Free Heart Templates to Sew

If you like to sew, you can have a few of my heart templates: one here ‘ heart sachet template and tutorial‘  or download my pdf detailing three other heart templates to sew (for free) here:

You must remember to cut notches round the curves and clip the point for nice smooth lines but apart from that, they are really easy and quick to make.

I made a couple more including this one decorated with a button covered in a snippet of cat-themed fabric.

Also loving pinked wadding with appliqued anything on top like these retro petals:

Well, off to keep the daddles doing something so the devil won’t find them idle. You know what he’s like. Makes more hot air than a cauldron of cauliflower cheese but not so tasty.

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2 Responses to Have a heart!

  1. Louise says:

    me again! The hearts are dead cute and gorgeous, btw

  2. Louise says:

    Do you know you have to click on the title to get a reply box? Just wondering if it’s obvious and if this is why you don’t get any comments?

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