Christmas and all that jazz!

Not long now! I have wrapping galore to get on with and lots of bits coming from that retail juggernaut, Amazon. It’s so exciting. I’ve also got a freezer coming this week as well – that’s a big wish fulfilled. I have a half ‘n’ half fridge freezer and it doesn’t take that much to fill it. Now I can take advantage of the BOGOFs and cook big portions and freeze half for healthy ready meals. One review described it as ‘ugly’ but aesthetics isn’t (for once – I am primarily form over function) my main consideration. It’s a big white rectangular box that is going to be tucked away and do its job. And it was on sale…

Christmas shopping nearly done except for one! And he is coming to stay for Christmas and has a birthday a couple of days just before the Big Day so am wracking my brains trying to decide what to get him. Not so simples, Nk Nk. And stocking fillers. Hmmmm they can be tough as well.

Still sewing away happily –  have just finished an appliqué pillow for a baby’s room:

The rabbit stencil was initially created in Illustrator then cut from 300 gsm card with my Black Cat cutter (though fussy cutting with scissors wouldn’t be difficult).  Then I got the brilliant idea of fusing an A4 sheet of Bondaweb onto some cotton fabric and used my Cat to cut it! Genius!  So, the rabbits are appliquéd on with Bondaweb but for permanence, I topstitched around their outlines. The fluffy tails are  pom-poms – used a Clover pom-pom maker, possibly the smallest one available – to make them. The spotty heart was fussy cut from Bondawebbed cotton and ironed  then stitched on. Little buttons for the eyes stitched on with embroidery floss and it was done.

Not very Christmassy but sweet and pretty. So to jazz up the post I created this latest graphic using a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop – Illy for the curved lines then PS where the curves were copied as paths so they could be stroked with starry and sparkly brushes.Very snazzy, jazzy, glitzy and glamorous.

Well, busy, busy, busy! Byeeee

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