Free Owl Template for Cutting or Sewing

A frosty Monday Freebie for you. I am still getting things ready for the Christmas Fair and these little stuffies filled with rosemary and lavender are great stocking fillers. They are useful for popping into  drawers and wardrobes to keep moths away and keep the clothes sweet and fresh. Oh – and I think they’re very pretty as well.

As you can see, I’ve been crocheting and sewing and loving it! I’m giving away the owl pattern (top picture). You can cut two main bodies, stitch together to make a stuffy (make the body a little larger than the rest of the pattern to allow for seams) or cut one and use as an applique template. I have also included an SVG in case you would like the pieces to cut out with your Cameos, Silhouettes, Silver Bullets, etc, to make cards and embellishments.


Looks like I put the baby to bed in this pic, ha ha. I made the little basket. Crochet is such a joy – it grows very quickly so you get results in a satisfyingly short time.


So quickly that I had time to make a batch of lemon ‘buns’ – what we pretty much call all small cakes in Ireland though you’ll recognise it as a cupcake. This goodie is topped with edible glitter (sadly, the RL effect of the glitter is lost in the photo) with silver balls and is sitting pretty in a silver foil case. This was for my neighbour so I popped it into a gift box to make it a bit more special – can I lapse into the vernacular? – spesh it up a bit.

Am fibbing about having made the basket this weekend though – it was something I’ve been doing a bit with in the evenings though I did finish it Saturday night so not too much of a fib. Just operating a little word economy…

Anyway, all, in all, a good weekend so tinkerty tonk and too da loo to you.

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