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Last night I got more excited than an excited thing with a special reason to be excited. I discovered a present put away for me. Something I’d been dropping hints like housebricks about. Now I have the tough job ahead of  keeping mum about it and not spoiling the ‘surprise’. Not too much of a problem – by the time I get to open it I will be over the moon.

However… it also gave me a shock like someone had stuck a bat up my nightie. Christmas is looming. Again. Happens every year. Not Christmas though, Yes, technically, that is an annual event … The thing is, I think Christmas is ages away then something reminds me that it’s actually sneaked up and ready to bite me on the bum. Again. So, the bat up the nightie was a good thing – it gave me a kick-start to get on with a few things before it’s too late.

This year I am hoping to have a stall at a Christmas Fair. I will be making tea cosies, (domes and frillies), Tilda santas and angels, stockings, drawstring bags, felted and beaded phone cases and (hopefully) lots of other things. But what other things? I remembered that I’d bought a couple of those deep picture frames from Ikea and how I’d seen they also sold the frame with cut-outs of butterfly flurries. Well, as you know, the m-i-l from Goodness Gracious Me would have said ‘I can make it at home for nothing’ and I sing with the same sitar, lady!

I sat down at the computer, opened up Illustrator and created a new version of an old favourite I designed a few years ago. Mine is cut from Conqueror metallic champagne but will probably replace with Cartridge paper at some point as I’m not sure how moisture-resistive the Conqueror will be. Don’t want it to droop like a Wilting Walter.

It looks be-uuuuu-tiful. The frame, the big one in the picture cost €4.50 (approx 300 x 300 mm with  a 120 x 120 mm aperture). Not big money. Their own picture with cut-out butterflies is €13.00. I like my butterfly better – they say you shouldn’t toot your own horn but… heckers… Toot Toot!

So am going to make a few of these – birds, hearts and butterflies and put them on the stall. I reckon €10 would be fair and am sure they’d make a lovely gift. If you want to have a go, I’m selling the file.

I cut mine on A4 even though the big frame is essentially a 12″ x 12″ judicious use of picture tape or sellotape on the back keeps the cut-out in place. All of our lovely cutting machines cut A4 so you’re good to go. Yay.

The design is reasonably delicate so there’ll be a squinchy-poo of weeding but nothing onerous (or so I found) and the end result is well worth it.

The price is €4.50 for the template in SVG format. There is a surprise though – there are TWO different butterfly cut outs. The one in the pictures above and another, very different but just as pretty! There, you can have a nice surprise, too.

Payment is through Paypal and your file will be sent within 24 hours to the address on the Paypal account. Remember, this is for the electronic file only, and you will need a cutting machine like a Cameo, Silhouette, Silver Bullet, Cougar, etc, that can read SVG format.

Thank you for looking


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