Crochet Hooks in a Roll

My latest absolute pash is crochet and You Tube has tons of juicy tutorials to keep me going forever! I found this lovely rolled crochet hook roll on You Tube, if you want to have a look-see, Google ‘DIY Crochet Hook and Case’ or look for the Quilters Workshop. I would give the actual link but it inserts the video rather than provides a jump to.

Mine is slightly modded – I have a top flap to stop the hooks slipping out of the open end but it’s an easy enough addition to work out for yourself if you want to do something similar. It will also work for crayons and pencils, btw. An idea for quick and easy Christmas gifts could be a roll and you fill it up with some drawing pencils or crayons.

Half open…

And now a proper good look at the inside. It’s perfect for keeping hooks accessible and is easily be popped into a bag with some yarn. Very handy and quick to make.

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