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The Birdie Bag and the Birdie Book

Hello! You on holiday today? It’s a bank holiday in Ireland and the sun is shining. The world is lit with bright lights and colours! My garden is a riot of colour. I have huge hydrangeas covered in hot pink pom poms – three in the front garden and four in the back. All around are tall orange lily things, vibrant and juicy and all around them are fuschias, lavenders, marigolds, daisies, honesty, rosemary, honeysuckle and more … It’s glorious.

Got two loads of washing on the line this morning and dry by three o’ clock – smelling fabulous. Gorgous new Comfort (or Lenor?) fabric conditioner – am loving it.

But what have I made lately? A pretty tote made from a cute dickie bird design (lined, of course).

And a sticky-back vinyl bird on a bike cut out with the Cougar. It’s a design I created about a year ago but with my name welded onto it.

Can you see the cabinets the bag and book are resting against? They’re going to be our new bedside cabinets. Bought two at auction for €24 the pair. They’re wood, not MDF with a gorgeous relief carving on the front. There is also a drawer above with some corner decoration and an ornate handle but they’re out of the shot.

I’m prepping them for a chalk paint make over. So far, have sugar soaped and sanded. I’m not going to paint the carved areas; just paint the large flat areas and have a light paint, dark wood alternate thing going on.

The paint is an off-white, creamy colour so the contrast will work nicely (I hope). Probably won’t get done  for a couple of weeks but they’re ready to paint. When they’re done, they’ll replace the horrid cabinets we have by our bed. Nasty, featureless, MDF things.

Now to make tea, mow the front lawn and get some ironing done. Life in the fast lane, eh?!


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