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Make a notice board – so easy!

These noticeboards are in all the craft shops, haberdashers, garden centres, hobby shops, etc. Here, in ROI, they sell for around the €15 mark for an average sized one. You can make one for at least half of that.

My neighbour recently decorated her kitchen and made some new curtains to go with the new decor.  Then while out shopping, I saw a cupcake-shaped notice board with all the colours that went with her colour scheme and bought it as a present for her.

Looking at it, I realised how easy they are to make! All you need is a piece of MDF or board, some wadding or batting to cover it and material to cover that. To finish off, you’ll need about 4m of ribbon, some upholstery tacks, a stapler and/or hot glue, a couple of net curtain eyes and wire or ribbon to hang it up.

It’s almost a no-brainer to make.Mine cost no more than a fiver as I had most of the stuff lying around.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Hot glue or staple the wadding over the front of the board with an inch or so around all four sides to fold over the back.

2. Hot glue and/or staple some fabric over that with an inch or so to fold around all four sides.

3. Lay some lengths of ribbon in a criss-cross pattern (you can measure the distances if you want or do it by eye). Again, staple or hot glue in place, keeping the ribbon pulled fairly taut. Pop some upholstery studs or  pretty drawing pins at the ribbon intersections, you get the idea!

4. Finally, insert  some picture holders or curtain-net eyes (the ones that screw into the ends of curtain wire)  into one side of your  notice board so you can thread some ribbon or twine or wire to hang it up with.

Mine is in the sewing room and waiting for me to use it but it looks very pretty and better than a lot of the ones in the shops. Toot-toot.

I’m also getting hooked (pun) on crochet again. Crochet is easier than knitting and makes up much quicker. For an impatient soul like me, that is a big positive. I started back with making up lots and lots of flowers and now have a bag full. I embellished a plain wooly hat with a few  and it looks kind of sweet. Goes very well with my green pashmina.


I am in the middle of crocheting a crochet heart garland. The pattern is simple – I don’t have any real flair for crochet so it has to be – and each heart takes me just under 10 minutes. I’ve made them in lots of colours and sizes and the next project is to embellish some knitted socks I have. They’re a lovely rusty, terracotta, grainy coarse wool (real wool – no acrylic or other man-made fibres) and just asking for some wee hearts to decorate them


This will get done if my wools survive the atomic kitten. I swear she is nuclear-fuelled. This little ball of energy runs up trees, gambols around the garden chasing balls and can jump higher than any one of Abi Lee’s dance troupe. When she’s stuck in with bad weather she goes looking to see where I’ve hidden them and if she finds them, she pulls and tangles them into total chaos. Butter wouldn’t melt to see her afterwards – and to see her sleeping like she hasn’t a care in the world you’d find it hard to believe that she could wreak so much havoc! Isn’t she the sweetest?!


Lady Jess is much more sedate than Gracie. She takes her time having a wander round the garden. She likes to sniff every flower and never rushes it. She is relaxing day by day and the hissing has largely stopped. The lashing out is pretty much gone but still have to be wary. She can get spooked too quickly and default to old behaviours. Still, I love to see her rolling about on her back when she’s in a playful mood – looks like a little pudding.

She’s also having a good long nap on her throne here.

Our girls, awwww.

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