The Trick to Mastering the French Knot

This little lavender sachet is decorated with small beads and some French Knots. It was a stitch I’d given up on so many times. It always fell apart until I worked out what the trick to it was!

I’ve used this pretty little stitch on lots of things – like here:

And  here:

It’s a beautiful stitch for a filler like wooly-type sheep fellows or just dotted around for a pretty surface texture.

To Be or Knot to Be

Follow this tutorial to get the knack and enjoy using this pretty stitch on your projects. A little bit of practice and a taut thread. An educational post today – taut us a lesson… groan. Bye for now.


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One Response to The Trick to Mastering the French Knot

  1. Elliemook says:

    Your son just sold me a car and whilst doing so mentioned your website – expert salesman!! You have some lovely things, I wish I had a cutting machine your cutting files are lovely. Thanks for the French knot tutorial. Mine have always unravelled in the past so I had given up on them. I’ll try following your instructions and give them another go!

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