Boxing Clever

Made a sunny day shopping bag with pretty box pleats and spotty peep outs over the last couple of evenings. The floral fabric is one of my favourite Ikea designs and the green spotty is a craft cotton from a local shop. Both 100% cotton. The handles came from a cheapy bag in the bargain bucket from a charity shop for a euro. The bag had seen better days but the handles were fine.

No pattern, all came out of my head based on pleated pouch bags etc. I did have to unpick a couple of times because I got myself confused attaching the inner cuff and lining and handle attachment but soon worked out and sorted. Now I have a new shopper to cheer up dull and dreary days.

Was listening to the radio and had a funny case of the Mondegreens…. Al Green’s ‘Take me to the river’… singing along I rendered the second line as ‘Watch me drown’. Lol! Sorry Al.

Here’s the inside – all lined and lovely with matching fabrics.

I always offer and get deluged with the numbers of requests (ha ha) – if you would like a pattern, I will write it up with diagrams and pictures and post it free.

Have a nice day.


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