The sun has got its hat on

Hello Dare! The sun is shining and it makes everything look so much better. Hope you all had a lovely Easter. Ours was quiet but happy. We got a leg of lamb and made a lamb tagine so spent time together in the kitchen chopping, tasting and enjoying the fragrant  herbs and spices. My neighbour had a birthday on the Sunday so made her a fresh-as-a-daisy butterfly card in all white (the one above). I also embossed the envelope with my favourite embossing folder. The outer was made using the design I posted ages ago – Butterfly pop up card with cherry blossom cut outs

Anne had all her family round for the day and popped round in the evening with some left over cheesecake – a huge piece! It was absolutely beautiful and covered in fresh fruits – orange slices, kiwis, blueberries and strawberry quarters. It really must have been a cheesecake of glory. And, OMG, it was gorgeous. We ate it in two sittings instead of tea. Sheer gluttony but … Wow. It was good. Little pickers wear big knickers but big pickers wear ginagarous parachute sized ones… the sort used to drop rapid-deployment tanks out of airplanes.

I used my pop-up butterfly flower border insert for the card inner using Conqueror Metallic Champagne. It has a gorgeous golden irridescence. Can’t get it now and my little stockpile is going down so I use it very sparingly but it cuts like a dream and is perfect for the intricate swirls and curls in the design. I wish I find it again and get some more. The pop-up insert is my design and if you would like to buy it, the link is here: butterfly pop up insert

My girls are doing great. Here’s Jess making sure my tape measure and few sewing bits are kept safe for me while I’m out of the room. She’s relaxing more and more and doesn’t have her mardy pants on permanent def com 3 any more.

The little bath bomb Gracie is still all jazz hands and bunny kicks. She found a furry hat of mine and attacked it. I think she thought it was mouse-house central and it was her best find of the day. She’s also been having high jinks with Jess from the inside of an old printer box I brought down to chuck out. It has two apertures on opposite sides as carry handles. She likes to rustle around in the box till Jess comes to sniff at the opening then shoot her paw out and bonk her on the nose or pop up from the box and bonk her on the head. Then they have a chase around followed by Jess having a turn in the box and bonking her back. Of course, they both have to have a good long nap after that! They’re so funny to watch and I love them to bits.

I’ll be posting again soon – two Photoshop mini tutorials. How to convert text to look chalk drawn and a free chalkboard background; also will be posting a quick how to convert a photo to a ‘line drawing’ so , if you’re interested, check back in the next day or so.



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