Sun is shining, weather is easy

April already and Easter almost upon us. The sun is shining and am nearly brave enough to go out with no coat! Must be time to start making Christmas cards! Only joking.. I’m getting ready for Easter and  have a rich fruit cake made and matured with brandy for an Easter Simnel cake. Looking forward to a few wedges of that with  some nice cups of tea.

Still stitchy fingered and making odds and bobs for the ‘Office’. Made some bunting to liven up a dull wall… and an embroidered  picture using some scraps of fabric appliqued on to co-ordinate with everything else.

A quick close up. Really enjoyed making this. Measured the fabric to fit in the frame. Drew the design with an air-fading fabric pen and fused some tear-off stabiliser on the back. Dropped the dog teeth, changed the foot and stitched the design on. Changed foot back to a regular sewing foot and stitched down the co-ordinating fabric scraps and it was all done.

Then made a patchwork square cushion and a small pinwheel cushion. See the chair? It will be painted grey this weekend or next.

Another close up for you.

And little Gracie. She has had her op and recovering very well. Normally she whizzes about like a bath bomb but even she has to recharge her batteries with a good curl up in comfort snoozle. Her shaved side and wound are on her opposite side. The wound looks healthy and healing well so no worries, touch wood. Be nice when her fur grows back – surprising how deep the pile  is and how little her body is underneath it.

Jess didn’t react well to her return. Gracie wasn’t herself – a bit groggy and bad tempered and obviously carried the dreaded vet smells. Jess was very confused, almost as if we’d brought home a different animal. She’s relaxed again as Gracie is more like herself and buzzing about full of beans!

So, two weeks till Easter. Hope those of you who made Lenten vows are keeping them well or a visit from Sr. Assumpta will be arranged to deliver the Matty Hislop 10-step punishment programme… be warned!

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