Okay, keep your bobbins on!

Thought I’d share the best idea I’ve had this year. To those of you who already knew and did this – shame on you for not sharing! I was tidying round my sewing bits when I knocked over a box of bobbins. The lid flew open, the bobbins flew all over the place and suddenly it looked as though thermonuclear war had broken out. Picking them up and winding them back on…. for some reason made me think of Dinnerladies:

SHEILA I’ve got high blood pressure and water retention. Do you know what that gives you?

BREN Boiling water?

Why? I dunno. Guess it was the outrageous unruly bobbin behaviour – so rude it got me a bit hot under the collar. Like the time I forgot my sister-in-laws name….

Anyway, I spotted an elastic band amidst the collateral damage and pounced. An idea so ingenious and simple leapt to mind! I looped the lazzy through a bobbin then stretched it over a spool of cotton. Keeps the bobbin snug so that it can’t roll away or unwind, AND – Brucie Bonus – can keep top stitch and bobbin thread together for immediate use. No more looking for the right bobbin or winding a new one because you can’t find the one you did previously…. Am thinking of patenting a box of elastics and calling them ‘Bobbinkeeps’ and selling them for ten times the price.

Weather was glorious yesterday.  So bloody glorious I had no excuses for not mowing the lawn. Lawn does look nice now though and there is that sense of satisfaction for getting it done. Mind you, I only did the back. Mr S says he will do the front tonight. He was busy hanging a new door on the sewing room and having all sorts of hilarity with it at one point but the end result is fabulous. It was the second of the two glass-panelled doors we bought from Skerries auction rooms last year for a fiver each! The glass has an art nouveau type of flourishy, swirly pattern so if you go past the rooms you can see the light but not the mess!

But, that was later in the day! I’m missing my lovely car boot find out of the mix!

We popped down to the car boot sale where I bought this lovely vase for….. €1.50! It’s porcelain, pretty and prim with tiny delft-blue flowers. I love it. On the way home we nipped to the shops and bought these glorious red gerberas and cream roses to set it off.

Of course, my girls got interested. What’s this on the table? Jess was first up to investigate.

Then the little one, Gracie.

Looking more debonair as the investigation proceeded. (Can you see how well her surgery is healing? Fur growing back nicely. For information, she’s 3 weeks 4 days post-op here).

Till finally achieving the full Inspector Poirot master of detective investigation look.

Then, Jess just being Jess, decided she was ready for her close up and just posed prettily.

So, that was pretty much my weekend. Will get round to posting a couple of quick PS tutorials soon as I get a little bit of sewing finished. Bye for now.


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