Tote Sweet

The sun has been peeping out of the clouds here. Generally just taunting but this weekend was an exception. It’s been LOVELY here. Fresh but sunshiny and painting bright happy faces on us all.

So, time to make a couple of pretty totes to carry my messages and use my lovely Ikea fabrics up. We’re very conscious of having a shopper or tote with us as we pay for plastic bags from supermarkets, etc. Free ones are made from paper which is well and good IF it doesn’t rain…. and it never rains in Ireland, ha ha! Anyway, I like to have pretty totes and they’re very easy to make.

This one has a pocket on the front for when I buy a magazine (wearing my smug ‘aren’t-I-clever’ Mrs Doyle face now, lol). It has a square bottom so it sits flat to make packing the shopping in nice and easy.

Again, lovely Ikea cotton fabric but lined with a polycotton (which I rarely buy but liked the strawberry pattern). Same basic design, just smaller with a small  inside pocket for coupons or shopping list or some other thing that I cannot dream up right now… lol.

If you want to make something like it yourself, here’s a You Tube video by Debbie Shore: make a simple bag.
Well, my free morning is pretty much gone and now it’s time for lunch and get down to some work.

Bye for now.

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