On the button

What do you think of my lucky find? I was rummaging in a charity shop looking for unusual and pretty buttons and found these. They were on a maxi length, 100% wool, red cardigan. If it had been bigger and fitted me, the whole thing would have been a find of glory but it didn’t. It had been hand knitted for an etch-o-sketch sized person, limbs as thin as baker’s twine and a waist to make a wasp jealous. On the very big plus-side, it was reduced from €5.00 to €2.50. The three buttons alone were worth that to me. They’re chunky measuring some 5 cm across and 4.5cm tall. And, there is another bonus. The cardi can be boil-washed to felt it down and then I can make a bag or some other little (or some pretty large ones, actually) doodats when the mood takes me! It’s all good and am grinning like the cat that got the cream….

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