Introducing Jess

Say Hello to Jess. Jess’ previous owner moved and couldn’t take her. She can be a lovely girl but she has issues and lashes out from time to time with teeth and claws so we have to be wary.  It’s early days, though and we’re trying to make her comfy and secure.

Her life before us was one of being left for long periods at a time – she was fed and had water but no attention or interaction with humans or other cats for long, long stretches (in the case of other cats, never). So, we’re making a lot of time to speak and acknowledge her, play with toys, give her special treats and allow her to pretty much wander round the house at will. When she does lash out, we speak with hurt tones rather than admonish her harshly and the attacks are less frequent and, more tellingly, she doesn’t always have her claws out.

It’s getting on for a month now and she’s settling. Definitely more of a daddy’s girl as he’s less fearful of her than me and he strokes and touches her more.  I know that she enjoys the attention from both of us, though, she just can’t always handle it. Occasionally, she jumps onto my lap and has a short nap. I talk to her in a croony voice and tell her she’s beautiful and loved and this is her home and her eyes seem to melt in what looks like a blissful state to me.

Here she is at the window – cat’s TV!

Remember Claud, the feral cat? He went AWOL for a week or so and came back. I was delighted to see him and gave him a good breakfast – that was over a month ago. Haven’t seen him since. I wonder if he came to say Goodbye (probably being fanciful, I know) and hope he found a permanent home. I still look out for him and would be more than happy to give him a couple of good meals a day and shelter if he was to turn up again. I hope he’s doing okay.

We’re happy with our girls. My lovely old Tom cat died two and a half years ago and the house is empty without him. I still miss him and wasn’t ready to get attached to another cat until recently. I hope he approves. Still loved and adored by us wherever he is in spirit.

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