Introducing Gracie

Say Hello to Gracie. She is a rescue cat. Young and very kittenish. We’ve had her a week now.

Initially, Jess, our other rescue cat, seemed very threatened and growled and hissed at every opportunity. For a time it sounded like we were surrounded by deflating tyres or gas leaks and we were very nervous that Jess might hurt her but Jess hasn’t once lashed out. I think her initial confusion gave way to fascination and wanting to see what she was up to. We kind of hope that she has some maternal instincts that recognise that Gracie is a baby and will respond in a motherly way, but we shall see.

Gracie plays and finds fun in everything. We bought some cat treats which she adores. She tosses them up in the air and throws them about and gives them a thorough beating into submission before finally eating them. All this madcap behaviour has Jess fixated! Gracie even batted Jess on the nose and Jess just gave a short Hiss. We’re hopeful that Gracie will be the catalyst that will help Jess understand cat etiquette and, come the summer, be able to go out into the garden and cross paths with the various cats that wander in and out without too much (or any) conflict and claws.

We do keep them closely supervised but the signs are hopeful. Fingers crossed.

Gracie, fast asleep in  her little furry PJs.  I love her dearly but wish she didn’t want to play at 3.00 am. when she nibbles my nose to wake me up then purrs and dribbles while I stroke her. Lol!

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