Adding some finishing touches

Still finding little things to put some finishing touches to the recently-decorated bedroom. The little box with the white porcelain knob and green-patterned sides started life as a wooden biscuit canister. Same design as the bread bin that had the makeover to house the tea lights. This one got the same treatment but with wallpaper to match the top of the dresser and different coloured paint but the principles are the same.

I made the little biscornu cushion in pinks and green to add a splash of colour. It’s so easy to make and, when stacked on top of other biscornus, look tremendous. Roll on the weekend – I want to get a few cushion forms for their stuffing and make a couple more. My plan is to have three stacked one on top of another. The one made so far will be the smallest so the other two will get successively bigger. You know what I mean.

Looking forward to a long weekend (St Pat’s day on Monday – yay) and hoping the weather picks up. So cold!

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