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The sun is shining and making everything look happy and bright. My hacking cough is definitely on the way out – I was considering the Caligula cough cure it as it was driving me a bit bonkers. A bit drastic but it worked for Germellus, apparently, when his cough drove the mad emperor to distraction. Now it’s on the wane, I can put the JML block chopper, or decapitation tool, back in its box. They think of everything, don’t they?!

Talking of imperial emperors, ‘our’ feral cat Claudius hasn’t been seen since Monday. I have asked around and looked out for him many times. The imperial palace (his feral cat kennel) stands empty and I fret that he is ok. Monday night’s weather was very severe. High winds and lashing rain. I hope he didn’t hole up in somebody’s out-building and got locked in. I wish he would show up and give me one of his (lol) friendly hisssses and scoff a good meal.

Anyway, yet another cafe cosy. Have it down to a fine art now. Have the dome with dotted seam allowance drawn out in Illustrator. I create the picture from lots of elements and compose them till I’m happy, duplicate the layer then separate them all out without any fill colour , ie, just an outline, then print them out.

I then cut and trace round them onto Wonder-Under and do the usual ironing, cutting out and sticking down onto the front fabric. I have the saved composition on the bottom layer to refer to but can always play around and reposition the elements as I wish – and, of course, rescale for other purposes.

Absolutely LOVE making these dotes. Applique and free motion – with the sun shining, too! Fun every which way.

Speak laters, taters!

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