And another cosy

My enthusiasm for free-motion, appliqued cafetiere and tea cosies is as strong as put-hairs-on-your-chest double hard barsteward espresso so strong you could stand on it.  This one is a present and will ferried over to the UK in a week or so.

The back of the cafetiere…

The two sides are not quite finished; I need to sew a little button on the front door and think the back could do with – yes – a bird. When there’s a space that needs filling, what to do? Stick a bird on it!

In the meantime, I’m getting the house ready for  visitors coming over this weekend and stopping for a little while. I’ve made cushion covers (that’s one of them behind the cosy) with a matching table cloth, filled the freezer with some nice cuts of meat and some home cooking ready to heat through… new bedding, new bath sheets… and spring cleaning frenetically hopping up and down like a box of frogs.

Despite all the activity, my head is full of fabric and design but – quelle horreur – I have only a small scrap of Wonder Under left to play with. So, fairly miffed at that. getting some more would mean a trip to Santry, Blanch or Dub and I have far too much to do to fit a trip like that in before the weekend. Woeful Betty Swollocks.

Oh, Claudius the Feral turned up! He actually looked well-fed, clean and in good condition so think someone else cares for him as well as us. Was happy to see he was ok and glad that he has a wider support network that just us.

Will post my recipe for choc chip cookies next. These are going down a storm and even I admit (blush) that they are really good. Easy to make – really easy – and just bloody gorgeous.

Anyway, speak laters then,


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