Lost My Bottle, Found a Guiding Light

See the lamp on top of the bookcase? The shade was €2.00 from a charity shop – brand spanking new. In fact, the very same shade is in B & Q at €26.00 – saw it there last week.

The bottle was €6.00 from a car boot a few months back. That’s €8.00 so far. Had to order the lamp conversion kit from Amazon, well, didn’t have to but the local prices from Woodies and B & Q were stupid and Amazon sold the kit for about a fiver with a few euro for shipping. Saved about €20.00 buying online.

The only other bit was something to fill the neck of the jar. The bottle lamp conversion kit accommodates a range of standard bottle necks but this was an old bottle garden (sadly, no cork stopper) and much wider. So, we improvised by using the cardboard cake bottom from the Christmas cake. Found a round sugar bowl that was just too proud to fit and used that to draw around on the cardboard base. Then we peeled off the silver foil coating, Modge Podged it, sprayed it with a quick mist of Rustoleum Ivory paint and that was that.

Just for info, we did also order special drill bits for drilling through glass and ceramics but decided against drilling a through the glass  in case we wanted the jar back one day. They will come in useful though, I’m sure.

Lamp works like it’s supposed to and looks like it cost a lot more than €15. Happy.

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