Cosied Up Cafetiere

Free motion stuff. I am loving it. It feels so hippy-chick, shabby chic, bohemian heaven and all round zen. It’s the ‘dance like nobody is watching’ of the sewing world. I made a quick cosy and spoiled it with free motion lettering which I didn’t like – you can see the corner of it in the picture. It says ‘Morning Flower’.

Happy enough with it generally though, I worked on it a bit. First I drew out the main shapes in Illustrator and just printed them out. I could have cut them with the Pro or Cat but they were simple so didn’t bother.

Then I ironed down lots of fabric scraps onto Bondaweb and traced the shapes on the back and cut them out. Set them out on the cosy template till I liked the composition and steamed them in place.

The fun starts with taking it up to the sewing machine. Changed the foot to a Walking Foot and dropped the dog feeds. For free-motion, my stitching isn’t wild child but a reasonably careful outlining of the main shapes with quirky, wobbly lines of straight(ish, lol) stitching. The effect is charming. So easy to do. So much fun.

Tomorrow, I’ll cut the linings, wadding and finish making the cosy. Lovely little project.

*** It’s done and here it is***

And now I have the shapes cut out to make the same again – now, besides Mrs Trellis of Swansea, I just don’t get comments so I wouldn’t know if you’d like the shapes as a PDF for you to print and cut or snip by hand and have a go yourself.

If nobody asks, I shan’t post but am more than happy to give away – free – if anybody does.

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