Appliqued Teacosy

Like a lot of you, I was fed up opening cupboards and seeing a stuff of a lot of fabric bits all waiting to be re-discovered in the daylight… But, if, like me, that day never comes because ‘out of sight is out of mind’ or a major project just shouts new stuff like a Stitchzilla then you’re probably looking for some quick and easy ‘Stitch and Sigh’ diet projects or a ten-step programme.

I raided the remnants bag like the Flying Squad:

‘All right you rags, the game’s up!’

Naughty bit of rough:’This is a stitch up!

Regan: ‘Don’t give me that load of Jane Horrocks. You’re all bent like regular needles in a four-fold denim seam!

Naughty bit of rough: ‘Leave it out, guv, you’re the ones all spools of cotton!’

I took a draw on an imaginary faaag and dug out a large remnant of curtain blackout material and knew it would work for a teapot cosy being so Fairy Jane and good for a full-colour and detail makeover.

I don’t need to explain what I did – like the potatoes in the pantry, you’ve got eyes! (Bought for Christmas roasts andthen forgotten. Some had more eyes than the Apple Corporation and were reading the Irish Independent. Not that unusual – walls have ears).  Anyway, very simple elements – with some nice buttons, felted, beady balls and a spare pom-pom from my recent pom-de-pom-pom fest.

Didn’t bother with Wonder-Under, just did a rough ‘picture’ with the bits then stitched them on (dropped the dog feeds, changed the normal foot to a quilting foot and stitched it all down in a free and easy way.

The back was decorated with lines and lines of my machine’s in-built embroidery stitches in shades of green. This actually took a while to do and was a bit of a wagon (started driving me mad it was so dull) so I wouldn’t do it again but the end result looks quite pretty.

It also has a layer of batting each side and a cotton lining but the extra fused layer on the surface fabric will help its insulating properties like the lagging on a water tank (No Jack, am talking about a different kind of Lag – go away).

Haven’t used up much of the scrap piles but have enough blackout curtain to shroud the house in the event of more Flying Squad activities or other air raid shenanighans so might make a couple more and put them by as presents for birthdays and next Christmas.

Hope you like it and maybe it’s got your mojo cranked up to have a go yourself.

I’ve put together some quick notes on how I made mine (free but you’ll need to subscribe to download):
Dome-Shaped Teapot Cosy Instructions PDF
Free Dome-shaped Teapot Cosy Instructions PDF


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