The Hairy Pom-Pom Maker and the Pom-Hair Mo-Mo’s

Well, here we are.  Soon be the big day. Shopped out, spent up and exhausted. In a good way – yes? You the same? This year I found a cheese knife that my partner will love. He has a thing about the right knife for the job. You might say OCD about it but I wouldn’t advise it… not with all that sharp kitchen equipment about… Only joking, of course. But he will love it.

Anyway, sat wrapping presents while watching the Kirstie Allsop Christmas thingy the other night. Some very bizarre tie-dyed underwear and equally weird headband flower things going on… like something from Star Trek Original Series. You know that episode ‘The Apple’ with Vaal and the men wearing espadrilles and more make up than Barbara Cartland?  That had never done the ‘holding and the touching’… Possibly too weird for them, even.

I did like the little present wrapped in tissue paper topped with a fluffy pom-pom though. So sweet! And I have lots of the same pom-pom doodats in my little kit bag. Got them for Christmas a couple of years ago. So, out they came and I made a little pom-pom and topped it with a paper snowflake and used it to finish off the present wrapped up in the picture above. Supposed to look a bit like a snowball but you have to use your imagination… if you can imagine the KA headband thing looking good, you’ll have no trouble.

So, that got me hooked on making up a few pom-poms and here they are. Easy as winking (with the Clover pom-pom maker) and cute as… well, pom-poms, really. Peachy as a pom-pom? Pouffy as a pom-pom? Something along those lines. My partner tripped over his words and called the mohair creations ‘Pom Hair Mo Mo’s’ which made me laugh.

And here are the Hairy Pom-Pom Makers!  Perfect bits of kit. See the two with the serated looking edges? They make HEART shaped pom-poms! Oh Yes!

Anyway, off to grab some lunch. Going round to a friend’s house this afternoon and an outdoor carol service this evening with a big get together with friends and neighbours afterwards. I’m really looking forward to it but the weather forecast isn’t good. Wet, windy and very cold. Went to a lovely one in the church last week. Proper choir with sopranos and tenors and fabulous lights but (butt!) hard seats! All of us in the know brought cushions though! And wine gums… lol

Wrap up warm and keep Christmas in your heart even if you feel like you could murder the shopping hoards. It will pass, and, like child birth, you’ll only remember the end result afterwards.

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