December the fourth already! Got my first Christmas card today – from Australia so I’d better get my ar** into gear and get some sent out before the posting deadlines.  Are you nearly ready or still chasing your tail like me? I’m off to the UK next week for a few days so trying to get cleaning, washing and other things done before I go. I cannot come back to a mess but must check the postings before I go.

I made up a big load of these cute-as-a-button jubblies. I call them jubblies after the tetra pack ice lollies we get here. I think they’re better known as sour cream cartons in the US. I know which sound better! I have posted how to make these on the blog a couple of years ago but just Google ‘sour cream container’ and check out the images – there are so many gorgeous makes to inspire you and most have links back to blogs and tutorials on how to make them.

I make them throughout the year for all sorts of occasions. They dress up very easily with different paper, embellishments and ribbons. Most years I make a full advent calendar (or two!) with them but ran out of time so made a bunch to top off a wicker basket full of hand-crafted hearts. Looking at the pic, you’d swear there were hardly any! In fact, I made thirty of them. Have already given a couple away and put some aside for a few other people but there are still about 20 in the basket. Anyway, each of these  little treats are filled with chocolate santas,  liqueur-filled barrels and chocolate money.

The dangly santies and snowmen are handcrafted metal tree decorations from Landon Tyler but are discontinued now, I think. Pity, they are so sweet.

Off to cook some dinner now. Am starving. Forgot to eat lunch and didn’t eat a single choc!

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