Go raibh gach sonas ort an Nollaig seo

Hello Dare!  This is probably my last post until after St Stephens. I have had a fairly relaxed Christmas so far. Presents are bought and wrapped. Cards posted. Food shopping is pretty much done. Fairly well organised this year.

No family coming for Christmas though which both takes the pressure off but is sad at the same time. Still, saw DS1 and his partner just a week or so ago when we went to Manchester for a few days. Manchester was absolutely fabulous. Totally fell in love with the place. So alive! Colourful! Vibrant! The Christmas market was on – really, really gorgeous. And huge. Streets and streets of log cabins beautifully lit and decked out with Christmassy bits of everything. I loved it. The stores are just massive – big flagship stores in colossal (so it seemed to us!) Roman ampitheatre-themed malls. Awesome!

And, went to a fabric/haberdashery shop called Leon’s. My jaw nearly hit the floor at the sheer volume of bolts and rolls and colours and textures and the size of the shop. An absolute emporium of fabric, trims, notions….  like a dragon’s den!  Next time, we’re getting the ferry and taking the car so I can bring more back. It was glorious. The whole visit was amazing and joyful, from the lovely people we met, the places we went and the good news that DS1 got while we were there. Had the best time. We both did. And we’re definitely going back next year.

Good news on Claudius the feral cat front – he is using his outdoor cat kennel and now I don’t fret thinking about him out there in the cold (now freezing) weather, the winds and the sleet / rain. He’s looking a lot better. His eyes seem clearer and he has filled out since we started feeding him late summer time. He still hisses at me when I take him some food but doesn’t turn tail and scoot off the way he used to. He just backs away a bit and waits for me to retreat. But, that said, he has been so hungry on occasion recently that he’s started eating while I’m still putting food down for him. No matter. I just like to know he has good shelter and eats regularly so that’s good enough for me.

My friend brought me round a big load of holly yesterday morning. I had asked if I could take some clippings from her bush but would never have taken so much. As you can see, I used it to decorate a willow heart  and turn it into a Christmas wreath. I added a few sleigh bells and hung the cow bell that I bought as a tree decoration down the middle. It looks quite well for the gussy up and am very pleased with it.

Anyway, still odds and ends to finish off so I’ll wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year or in Gaelghe, Go raibh gach sonas ort an Nollaig seo’  – ‘Wishing you every happiness this Christmas’.

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