Biscornu cushions

Well, here we are again – another year over. It’s really flown.  Just can’t believe 2014 starts tomorrow! I know some of you are choosing your ‘word’ for the coming year . I don’t normally do it but this year is an exception. My word is ‘Miracle’. If you are interested in metaphysics you might be familiar with the affirmation ‘Miracle shall follow miracle and wonders shall never cease’. I am taking it to heart along with ‘I am a miracle magnet’.

How was Christmas for you? I got fabric, lots of trims and braids.  really super bits! And stabiliser for machine and free motion embroidery… but more about that in a minute!

I discovered Debbie Shore and her wonderful sewing projects including the Biscornu cushion  tutorial which, she says, is french for ‘quirky’. Her You Tube videos are really easy to follow and I made my little cushions in an evening. I used a quilter’s 12″ x 12″ square to draw around to get a perfect square for the small one and made the blue and white one slightly bigger at 15″ x 15″.

I added the red pom-pom trim for colour and fun (handstitched that on). There is a centred button each side – both covered with the contrasting fabric from the other side. It looks like it might be complicated but it really isn’t. Give one or two a go. I like the effect of having the two stacked one on top of the other. You could go a lot smaller and make some as  pincushions, maybe. Here’s the link to the tutorial: Debbie Shore.

I made a couple of traditional domed-shaped tea cosies but did some free motion embroidery on the front and then filled in with fabric paints. I like iron-on stabiliser – simply iron onto the back of the fabric then drop the feedogs and draw the design  with your machine using the needle as a pen.

This was a really relaxing way of spening an evening. The tea cosies are extremely easy to make with templates and tutorials all over the web. Debbie Shore has a video on how to make them as well.

I made two, a rabbit and an umbrella design. Both are stitched onto linen. The brolly image came from a picture found on the web – I have no idea who to credit with the original – if you know, tell me. I will happily give them a big shout out for a very beautiful water colour painting.

I printed it in black and white then traced the main outlines and went over them with an air drying fabric pen. I bobbed the rabbit with a cotton tail pom-pom and hand-stitched a few sequins around the brolly using invisible thread. The results look quite lovely – well I think so, anyway! Functional as well as pretty.

Lots to look forward to – my partner got me Adobe CS6 for Christmas so looking forward to new features and capabilities and the learning curve that goes with new software.

And so, the year ends on a very happy note in stark contrast to the beginning of the year! Dark and difficult, So, my word is ‘Miracle’ and I look forward to what this year will bring. Happy New Year to you all!

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