My Clawdius

This is Clawdius. Thought I’d introduce you to him. Well, I think it’s a Him but he’s not actually my cat and he won’t let me near him. He’s feral but comes to the door every morning and sometimes evening for a meal. He always greets me with a friendly charm-school (ha ha) hiss and won’t go near the food till I have moved away from it. We call him ‘Clawdius’ because of his imperious manner and simply for the pun. Now we know each other a little better, it’s ‘Claud’ so long as I don’t forget he is an emperor among cats and don’t try to take liberties with him.

We started this malarkey by giving him scraps of stuff we had in but now buy cat food and even the odd tin of tuna for a treat. Rods and backs, I know. But it’s getting very cold and he used to look very woebegone and thin. At least he’s filled out a bit now and looks a good weight. And we’re getting him his own little place – a feral cat kennel type thing in the garden. At least he can keep out of the wind and rain and have a roof over his head.

Got him a little cat kennel earlier this month with lovely soft warm bedding. All very lovely but don’t think he’s bothered with it! Still, there if he needs it. *****

He also looks like he’s been in a bit of a fight recently; his nose has a red scratch and one eye looks very manky and sore. I wish we could get him to a vet. We (my partner and I) will do what we can for him.

Poor thing.

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