Like the fabric? I had a metre or so of this from Ikea a couple of years ago. It’s got a 70s/80s feel to it and is just lovely. So, having a couple of draught excluders that had seen better days, decided to gussy them up in this gorgeous material in time for Christmas.

The cover is made using the same envelope-tuck technique as the cushion cover except that the overlap is much closer to one end of the ‘sausage’ than the middle. If you try to cut the overlapping width ‘centrally, you’ll find it difficult to get the filler in.

They (there are two) look very well in the hall and the design brightens things up beautifully.


Finally, my teapot cosies are proving to be very popular. Made another one for a local lady. And see how the bobbly balls from the felted coaster have proven to be very useful?! And don’t they help dress up the design? I posted the template for sale in pdf format here if you’re interested in making your own:

 Annie Bonnet’s Tea Time Toastie Tutorial


Well, think that’s everything for now. Am off to Ikea this weekend so bound to find something to post about soon.

Wrap up and keep warm.


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