Every year I buy a new decoration for the tree (which is going up this weekend!). I saw this lovely cow bell and had to have it. It originally had some rope to dangle it with but I had some beautiful braid that suited it better so changed it over. It makes a lovely deep clonky sound.

My Christmas cake got its tree-tops a bit squashed in its cake box so did a bit of remodelling on that, too:

Now just three trees instead of five as I didn’t have much roll-out fondant left. I really wish I had bought silver balls instead of the ‘white’ shimmer beads. They aren’t white at all but yellowish and dingy looking. Oh well. Will taste fabulous, I’m sure. This cake, like the one up for the raffle, is matured with brandy and poteen so how could it not?

See the cake stand? Saw it in TKMaxx on Monday. There were three of them. Nearly bought it then but thought I’d think on it. Next day, went in – all gone! Hunted high and low  – we all know what a jumble sale that store can be – but nope, none left. A little dispirited, I went home. Do you know that feeling? Having seen something that you only thought you might like when there were plenty of them becomes a burning desire when faced with the prospect that there are none left? Well, that’s how I felt. Suddenly, I loved the cake stand. My partner was stopping off at Blanchardstown shops on the way back from work so rang him and asked him to see if the TKMaxx there had any. Nope.  Nothing like.

Then yesterday morning I popped over again and guess what? (Doesn’t take much guessing, does it?) there was one back on the shelves! It became the cake stand of glory and soon was in a bag and on its way here. Lovely. It’s difficult to see but on top of the decorative wire stand is a glass plate. It is the perfect size for my cake and was obviously meant for me.

So thanks to the Infinite Spirit for blessing me with my beauuutiful cake stand!

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