Christmas cake raffle

I spent nearly 5 hours icing and decorating this cake yesterday. The cake is a traditional rich fruit cake and was made mid-August; matured with regular doses of brandy and locally-produced Poteen and marzipanned a week ago.

Yesterday came the icing. It was covered with roll-out fondant icing then decorated with drapes of fondant icing blended with gum tragacanth and coconut oil to give the icing greater elasticity and strength. The presents and figures, etc, are shaped with roll-out icing. The little balls are called shimmer beads (I think) and came from Tesco. All edible. Except the cake board, of course.

To finish it off, the little girl and her dolly’s face will be painted on with edible colour next week when the icing has thoroughly dried out. If I don’t wait, the colour might bleed and just ruin the whole thing. That would be irritating.

Once done, my partner will circulate new pictures around his place of work to sell raffle tickets to raise money for St Vincent de Paul this Christmas.

There, shots from every angle. Fingers very crossed that it makes at least 100 euro for the charity. We’re thinking of holding the raffle early December so the winner won’t have bought a cake already (we hope) and have tons of fruit cake to get through. Still, with all that Poteen, it will keep forever!

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