This weekend has Mr Tree finishing off a paint job on the dining chairs and table we got from an auction a while back. Finally, a before and after shot. There are six chairs, two with arms which, apparently, means they are ‘carvers’. I didn’t know that but do now. Did you know the latin word for a chair is ‘Cathedra’? I learned that way back in school when I did latin and had to decline (I so wished I could have) nouns and remember to this day the list of declensions for the mensa…  happy days!

Talking of the table without contriving any link whatsoever (tongue-in-cheek – of course it’s a contrived link!), I made a new table cloth and runner and still had some fabric left so made a quick cushion cover to accessorise:

It’s grey check and is made with the easy envelope-tuck technique. You’ll notice the birds? Cut from fabric I made my graphic tablet case from and appliqued on. The ‘label’ was hand ’embroidered’ (simple running stitch – can’t really call it embroidery’) separately and stitched on.

Quick and easy.

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