Another sunshiny day here in Ireland.

Been busy one way or another. Some good some not so good but that’s the way things go.

Just showing a few pots I gussied up and have sold! I made a couple as presents for my neighbours then got an order for five more for them to give as Christmas presents! Each is obviously personalised with door numbers or the names of their pets etc. I used Illustrator to customise and do the design work and cut them out using a black cat Cougar. It cut beautifully.

Weeding is a PITA and then more care has to be taken in that thin strips of masking tape need to be applied judiciously to keep the design together to transfer the stencil onto the plant pots. Then the design has to be burnished in place to smooth out wrinkles and creases in the vinyl before the tape can be peeled away and the design painted on.

Lessons learned  – curved surfaces are difficult to work with, would get square planters if I got any more orders.

But, how lovely to receive a unique gift obviously chosen just for you.

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