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Good weekend? Mine passed happily. Did a bit of shopping one day. Weather forecast said dry conditions would prevail. Well, I sang along to ‘Dry conditions keep landing on my head’ and putting my dry condition wipers on, especially on the M50 when lorries passed by spraying lots more of that dry stuff all over the windscreen. When I got out of the car, the dry conditions were hammering down and that’s how it was for the whole, prevailing day.

I went to Ikea. Love Ikea but the shopping experience is a bit like queuing for the toilets at the Chelsea flower show if you don’t know your way around. I go often enough to have a general sense of the layout (though they do re-organise fairly frequently) and completely avoid the showroom.

It used to take ages to get round the store but am much quicker now. Especially knowing that if you get there too early, the doors are open but you have to wait for the shopping area and showroom to open. They give you complementary coffee while you wait but guess they hope you’ll buy the breakfast while you’re there.

And, again, go too early and there won’t be anybody at the fabric counter to weigh and price any material you want to buy. And, again, too early and the self-service pay at the check out won’t be open either. I aim to get there for about 11 when it’s not too busy, all open and I can get in and out fairly quickly.

Talking of toilet queues, did you see the X Factor Saturday night? Nicholas McDonald’s performance (he was great, btw) but the ‘dancers’? Lines of girls in raincoats walked on and around him in a slow, funereal march. I thought the queue for the ladies loo had found itself on stage.

Anyway, got lots of fabric from Ikea. They do some funky prints with lots of colour and verve. Am making some curtains, a table cloth and lining a wicker laundry basket.

Finished off the blokey tea pot cosies and hope they’re blokey enough. Isn’t the fabric lovely?

You can buy the teapot cosy pdf tutorial here

Finally, went to Lidl and picked up some odds and ends and some flowers. Got a couple of bunches of Asiatic Lillies. They were all buds. One has burst open already. I have a vase at the window on the stairs and it’s such a pop of colour there! Have never bought them before and am loving the way they seem to burst open in a blink! Wonderful. The other bunch is in the lounge. None of them have popped yet but they will.

On a different note, a British national paper posted a story that genuine Black Widow spiders have reached Britain in shipped consignments from the US. The story provoked a few comments including this lovely one:

It could be very dangerous with it’s (sic)  wild attacks: we need to stay out of wrongful creature. We must take a hammer to hard drive it on the black widows !

Made me laugh.

So colour me happy this weekend. Despite the prevailing dry conditions.

Good for you, too, I hope.


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