Well. An odd but happy thing to tell you. Today the sun is shining. It’s a lovely September morning.

I hung out my washing, walking across the grass to get to the line. Came back in and was pottering around the kitchen when I noticed the heel of my shoe. For a second thought I was seeing the M & S Per Una logo then ‘remembered/realised’ – Can’t Be.  They’re not M & S… and saw a lovely heart shape made from dew on the lawn. Beautiful. A sign from the spirit of the universe.

Got irritated by a wasp that kept trying to buzz in my face while hanging out the washing, though. They’re a fecking nuisance at the moment. That I have two apple trees in my garden doesn’t help any.  How I haven’t been stung I just don’t know.

For example …. had a bumble bum in the conservatory the other day so scooped her on a duster and got her onto the edge of birdbath outside. She didn’t fly off immediately so ran in and got a squeezy bottle of honey and squinched some just in front of her.

She was soon happily drinking it up when an irritation of wasps turned up and tried  to steal her honey! Grr. She was still tired and getting her energy up and I didn’t want her disturbed but the feckin’ wasps just would not stop. Some five or six of them. So I took off my flip flop and practised my Flip Flop Foo skills! Haiiii Yaaaaa! Haiii Ya! And batted and stomped them as best I could. The bee seemed oblivious to the commotion around her – or indifferent – maybe wasp stings don’t affect bees?

Think the wasps were those German ones… Vespula Germanica, which sounds like  a character from I, Claudius. Better than Macro, the wholesaler or Sejanus the other praetorian guard commander with a hedge up his bum.

Anyhoo, it was all Bandits at 10 O’ clock…. 4 O’ clock…. 8 O’ clock… they kept changing formation… but like Douglas Bader without the pipe and a full complement of legs – I wouldn’t give up… too slow, chicken merengo, too slow for this cat!

And that’s how my next-door-neighbour saw me over the fence.  ‘Whatever are you doing? she said.  Fighting off an aerial wasp attack on a vulnerable bumble bee. What else would I be doing batting at wasps over a birdbath with one shoe in my hand, for goodness sake?

The bee flew off and I had a lovely cup of tea with my neighbour. All par for the course in the day of a super hero.  DS2 and I have been super heroes for years. I am Glow Girl. My special powers include making balls of pure energy to lob at arch villains and now official defender of the flower-lovin’ honey bees.

Anyway, the infinite spirit sent me a sign of being loved by kissing my shoe this morning and I am very happy.

You be happy, too.

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