Paint pots

Was in B & Q and they were having their end of season sale and had four nice tall pots with ‘past their sell by’ bulb planters going half price. I didn’t really want the bulbs and was actually looking for a couple of Tall Boy terracotta pots but when they didn’t have them, bought the planters instead. Two were for my lovely neighbours and perfect for a bit of personalisation.

I painted each of the pots with a solution of cream satin finish paint thinned with some white spirit and left them to dry overnight.

This morning I designed  a couple of stencils in Illustrator and cut them from vinyl with my Pro (that is sounding a bit like Rick Wakeman off his tits on something these days). Had to use strips of thin masking tape to keep the cut-out bits together when it was peeled off its backing sheet for transfer onto the pot surface.

I  burnished the stencil in place – little gaps allow paint to seep, creep and bleed (sounds like a firm of solicitors to me) underneath which would spoil the crispness of the design. With the stencil firmly in place, I used a Sharpie to go around the design outline before filling in the rest with black acrylic paint.

The pots have been delivered and both neighbours were delighted. I gave them the bulbs and compost that came with the pots – if they can manage to get them to grow, they have a bonus. Otherwise, they can plant them up with anything they fancy in a pretty pot made just for them.

So, a happy day for me, a happy day for them and a Happy Sunday to you too.


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