Modge Podge rocks old dresser

Excuse the mess, won’t you? Everything in this room is a work in progress. Lots done but lots still to do so mess everywhere. Tools, steps, cloths, rubbish…Ha! Dead fly (point to window sill)… HA! TWO dead flies! (point to window sill again)…  total junky mess… It’ll get tidied in due course.  It’s outrageously rude how untidy a room gets itself just because you fancy doing a bit of DIY and crafting. In the mean time I just shut the door on the entire kibble.

This old dresser was made from dark wood. It was like a black hole  just swallowing light and menacing me like an angry elephant with PMS every time I went in there.  So, it was shape up or ship out.

It was sanded down then wiped with a sugar soap solution  and wiped again with damp cloths to remove the dirt, debris and dusticles. It was painted with satin, non-drip one-coat paint in ivory. The paint was a bit of a disappointment as it went on thick and didn’t give great coverage. Curses. Yes, father, the proper ‘F’ word.

Used masking tape around the handles to protect the dresser while we painted them. Did them in green (not meaning to patronise you – you can probably see that for yourself but for those with colour blindness it might be a useful detail to provide). Can’t remember what paint this was except it was one of those sampler pots.

The top. This was nice to do. Modge Podged the top using a paint brush to apply it quickly then placed a length of wallpaper over it. I smoothed the paper in place with a slightly damp cloth, left it to dry then cut it slightly – a squinch – over sized all round. Then applied a thin coat of Modge Podge over the top and smoothed down the edges all round. I used a damp cloth to do that then ran my fingers around the edges to check that it was stuck down firmly on all sides.

Left the MP to dry – some four hours or so (was busy doing other stuff) and applied a second thin coat.  I removed the masking tape from around the handles and cut squares of matching wallpaper to line each of the drawers and it was done.

We’re papering the opposite wall to the dresser with the same paper used on the dresser top so it should co-ordinate nicely. I think the mags and TV designers call it a ‘feature wall’ . Will show you the bedside cabinets that will go with it sometime this week. They’re nearly done now as well and looking lovely. They were just €10 at an auction a few months ago. All this upcycling, creating unique and personal pieces has made me very reluctant to pay full price for anything now.Especially when I can get things to co-ordinate so easily just using a roll or two of wallpaper and a tin of paint.



A better shot of the Modge Podged wallpaper top. It looks fresh and pretty. A total contrast to the dark, doirty, glowering old wagon that was there before.


Finally, for today’s work anyhoo, a minor mod to a shop-bought wicker heart.  it was, I think, €3.00 from Penneys. Gave it a swipe with the ivory and a swipe with the green paint (though pic doesn’t show it very well – poor light)  and hot glued some paper flowers to it that were lying around in my craft box. Since taking the pic have changed the ribbon for a spotty green and white one. A quick and cheap accessory to the rest of the furniture in there.

The room is coming together now. Hoping the wardrobe makeover looks good – that’s next. Probably. Needs to get done soon so be posting it shortly, anyhow.

Tata for now.

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