Modge Podge Rocks Crocks

Today was one of waiting in for a delivery. Thursday, my PC suffered a catastrophic system drive failure. Gah. Its replacement was ordered and was informed that delivery would be today and wanted to be in to save the inconvenience of having to go to the post office, queue for a week and collect it this evening or possibly even tomorrow. The weather was cold and wet and just plain miserable so I needed to find things to do and keep busy.

Anyhoo, I had some wrapping paper left over from the sweetie pouches I posted (like icing bags) a while ago a cracked plant pot and a plant pot holder from Ikea that had got scratched and scuffed. Makes you think ‘Modge Podge’, doesn’t it?

So Modge Podge, me and an old paint brush got rocking. Just painted the pot  and pot holder with MP and tore bits of wrapping paper into small pieces and glued them on with it. You’ll notice there are two designs…ran out of the wrapping paper (*sigh* and used a wallpaper swatch to finish it off. Afterwards, gave them an all-over coat of MP and so got them done.

My hard drive came and this evening will be re-installing Windows and the many applications that I use, want, need… it’s a forever job. The seventh circle of hell. Tedious, and frustratingly boring. Gahhhhhh.

In the meantime I’m on my laptop and enjoying  a little play with Linux Mint. I like it!

Speak soon, my darlings.


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