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Modge Podge Rocks Crocks

Today was one of waiting in for a delivery. Thursday, my PC suffered a catastrophic system drive failure. Gah. Its replacement was ordered and was informed that delivery would be today and wanted to be in to save the inconvenience of having to go to the post office, queue for a week and collect it this evening or possibly even tomorrow. The weather was cold and wet and just plain miserable so I needed to find things to do and keep busy.

Anyhoo, I had some wrapping paper left over from the sweetie pouches I posted (like icing bags) a while ago a cracked plant pot and a plant pot holder from Ikea that had got scratched and scuffed. Makes you think ‘Modge Podge’, doesn’t it?

So Modge Podge, me and an old paint brush got rocking. Just painted the pot  and pot holder with MP and tore bits of wrapping paper into small pieces and glued them on with it. You’ll notice there are two designs…ran out of the wrapping paper (*sigh* and used a wallpaper swatch to finish it off. Afterwards, gave them an all-over coat of MP and so got them done.

My hard drive came and this evening will be re-installing Windows and the many applications that I use, want, need… it’s a forever job. The seventh circle of hell. Tedious, and frustratingly boring. Gahhhhhh.

In the meantime I’m on my laptop and enjoying  a little play with Linux Mint. I like it!

Speak soon, my darlings.


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Modge Podge rocks old dresser

Excuse the mess, won’t you? Everything in this room is a work in progress. Lots done but lots still to do so mess everywhere. Tools, steps, cloths, rubbish…Ha! Dead fly (point to window sill)… HA! TWO dead flies! (point to window sill again)…  total junky mess… It’ll get tidied in due course.  It’s outrageously rude how untidy a room gets itself just because you fancy doing a bit of DIY and crafting. In the mean time I just shut the door on the entire kibble.

This old dresser was made from dark wood. It was like a black hole  just swallowing light and menacing me like an angry elephant with PMS every time I went in there.  So, it was shape up or ship out.

It was sanded down then wiped with a sugar soap solution  and wiped again with damp cloths to remove the dirt, debris and dusticles. It was painted with satin, non-drip one-coat paint in ivory. The paint was a bit of a disappointment as it went on thick and didn’t give great coverage. Curses. Yes, father, the proper ‘F’ word.

Used masking tape around the handles to protect the dresser while we painted them. Did them in green (not meaning to patronise you – you can probably see that for yourself but for those with colour blindness it might be a useful detail to provide). Can’t remember what paint this was except it was one of those sampler pots.

The top. This was nice to do. Modge Podged the top using a paint brush to apply it quickly then placed a length of wallpaper over it. I smoothed the paper in place with a slightly damp cloth, left it to dry then cut it slightly – a squinch – over sized all round. Then applied a thin coat of Modge Podge over the top and smoothed down the edges all round. I used a damp cloth to do that then ran my fingers around the edges to check that it was stuck down firmly on all sides.

Left the MP to dry – some four hours or so (was busy doing other stuff) and applied a second thin coat.  I removed the masking tape from around the handles and cut squares of matching wallpaper to line each of the drawers and it was done.

We’re papering the opposite wall to the dresser with the same paper used on the dresser top so it should co-ordinate nicely. I think the mags and TV designers call it a ‘feature wall’ . Will show you the bedside cabinets that will go with it sometime this week. They’re nearly done now as well and looking lovely. They were just €10 at an auction a few months ago. All this upcycling, creating unique and personal pieces has made me very reluctant to pay full price for anything now.Especially when I can get things to co-ordinate so easily just using a roll or two of wallpaper and a tin of paint.



A better shot of the Modge Podged wallpaper top. It looks fresh and pretty. A total contrast to the dark, doirty, glowering old wagon that was there before.


Finally, for today’s work anyhoo, a minor mod to a shop-bought wicker heart.  it was, I think, €3.00 from Penneys. Gave it a swipe with the ivory and a swipe with the green paint (though pic doesn’t show it very well – poor light)  and hot glued some paper flowers to it that were lying around in my craft box. Since taking the pic have changed the ribbon for a spotty green and white one. A quick and cheap accessory to the rest of the furniture in there.

The room is coming together now. Hoping the wardrobe makeover looks good – that’s next. Probably. Needs to get done soon so be posting it shortly, anyhow.

Tata for now.

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New fabrics for Christmas gifts


Just thought I’d show you the lovely fabrics I bought at Hickeys. I’m planning on making a few sleeves or caddies for a set of wooden kitchen utensils; wooden spoons and the like. The idea is to line and top cuff  the vintage print with the pink spotty and add a hanging tab from the vintage print. Have been so busy today I haven’t even cut the pieces out though.

Think I should buy the utensils first to make sure the sleeve isn’t too long; want the tops of the utensils to sit proud (with their heads held high, madam). It’s the sort of gift I would like to receive. And, unless the utensils are made from reclaimed Indonesian floorboards, shouldn’t cost the earth, either.

A close up of the vintage print – it’s lovely.

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Lemon and lime cupcakes


How are you today? The sun’s out shining down on Ireland again – every dry day is a sunny miracle over here and we have been very blessed this year.  Miracle magnet!

My weekend was relaxed and happy. The weather was lovely all day Saturday. Even wore light, summer clothes. White linen trousers and pinky-lilac linen shirt with my favourite purple sparkly flip flops. Very pleasant afternoon. No goose-bumping at all.

Did a bit of shopping in Blanchardstown. Fabrics (beautiful, beautiful *sigh*) and notions from Hickeys. Thinking of making some kitchen utensil sleeves – you know, for wooden stirring spoons and spatulas – and giving them away as Christmas presents.

Yes I am thinking of Christmas already. Have two Christmas cakes already made, I’ll have you know. Also got some cheap but good little finds in Dealz (someone’s just contacted me to say they think it’s Poundland in UK) and Heatons. More about them in a minute.

I baked cakes yesterday. Lemon and lime cupcakes. Usual cupcake recipe with the zest and juice of a couple of unwaxed lemons and limes in the mixture and buttercream topping. They were delicious. Seriously good.

Want the recipe? here you go:

Lemon and Lime Cupcakes – makes about 24 cakes


250 g soft butter
250 g self-raising flour
250 g caster sugar
4 tbsp of juice from the lemon and lime (save half for the buttercream icing)
4 large eggs
Finely grated zest of 2 small lemons and 1 small lime (save half for the buttercream icing)



1. Put all the cake ingredients into a bowl and beat with an electric whisk  until mixture is smooth.

2. Place the baking cases on a baking tray and divide the mixture between them.

3. Bake in a preheated oven at 180°C/gas mark 4 for 20–25 minutes until nicely risen and light golden brown.

4. Put the cakes onto a wire cooling rack, and leave to go cold.


Lemon and lime buttercream icing:

375 g soft unsalted butter
625 g sifted icing sugar
The juice and zest saved from the sponge mix
Edible cake decorations. I like holographic edible glitter. It’s sparkles without any colour.

1. Put the butter and half of the icing sugar into a bowl, and beat with an electric whisk until  smooth. Add the lemon/lime juice and the rest of the icing sugar and beat again until light and fluffy.

2. Ice the cakes using icing bags and nozzles or use a spatula to spread the buttercream on.

3. Decorate with edible pretties.

You can see how mine turned out in the pictures above.

They all fit in the super cupcake carrier box (see above). It’s very well designed and perfect. Dealz do some small, one tier ones for 1.49 which are absolutely brilliant for the price. I think they can carry 8 or maybe 12.

For information, they also do square and round cake boxes for single large cakes. Also the fabulous €1.49 Stealz-Dealz price. I bought a round one of those and now both my Christmas cakes are sealed away and safe.  Just can’t go wrong at those prices.


Also, I just could not resist these Shiny Things. They are sooo pretty. Non-stick pan friendly scourers in beautiful glitter colours. Pack of three for €1.49 from Dealz. They became MY shiny things and came home with me. Aren’t they gorgeous?

And my best find? Had to be a catering pack of 100 Fairy all-in-one dishwasher tablets for €15.00 from Heatons. I always use Fairy and this is the best price I’ve ever got them for. Brilliant.

Apart from some baking and a bit of gardening my weekend was very uneventful. Still flew though.

Talking of flying, noticed that bird behaviours were a bit odd. Yesterday we hardly saw a bird and that was very unusual. Normally get lots of interest in my bird table cuisine. Choice delicacies – meaty fat, bacon rind, seeds,  nuts, fatballs… it normally attracts a lot of visitors.

However, I did see huge numbers of big black birds – don’t know if they were crows or jackdaws,  in what seemed to be their  hundreds, flying off somewhere. Even so, the garden was empty of the other usuals, my cheeky robin, the blackbirds, the starlings, the song thrushes… where were they? Very weird.

Then remembered, there was a big event called Flight Fest going on somewhere out Dublin way. Flight Fest was an air show put on as part of a celebration called ‘The Gathering’ which was meant to unite families dissipated and dislocated by the diaspora of Irish nationals that went abroad to find work and set up new lives in other countries. Or as one ex-pat put it, to come home for a family gathering and spend money in Ireland. Our economy isn’t in best shape like the rest of Europe’s.

So, bet that’s where the birds went for a good laugh. ‘Look at that big bird – had to take a run up for at least half a mile before he could get lift off!’ ‘I know. And where would it get a bath big enough to clean itself off? Big, doirty wagon’ (Caws and hoots of manic bird laughter). They must have loved it. Apparently, a Vulcan bomber was supposed to have been coming across from Uk but couldn’t  fly over because of ‘technical difficulties’. Birds would have larfed their feathered britches off at that.

So, that was my weekend. A good one. Hope yours was, too.

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Windmill SVG


Well, wojus weather today. Rain is chucking down. Just put some food on the bird table for my friendly robin. He was bobbing to me from the fence so I chopped up some cheese and a few bits for him. Well, he totally ignored the food but had a bath in the rain instead. Seemed mad to me but he was thoroughly enjoying himself.

Anyway, a 3D windmill on sale today. Pop a battery operated tealight underneath and see it light up. Very pretty.

You’ll need a cutting machine, eg, Cameo, Silhouette, Cougar, Silver Bullet, Craft Robo etc, or something of that kind that uses SVG files.


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