Glowing orb Photoshop tutorial and free.abr brush


In a mood of deep thought and probably influenced to some degree by listening to Sound Garden including Black Hole Sun’ (love that track) I sat down with Photoshop and created the image above.

Weird dreams lately.

Had gone somewhere and there was great music and I wanted to dance but got  ‘grabbed’ by some guy, who, for some weird reason was sporting two flaxen plaits – like a viking; rather grubby and stinking of fags and beer. Eeew.

Then, new dream. I was on a space ship with Patrick Stewart as Jean Luc. It wasn’t the Enterprise and nor were there any other ST crew. He was a hologram or made from hard light or some other weirdness.

Most odd.

Anyhow, here is the tutorial and free .abr Magicwindow background brush for you:

Glowing orb - free pdf tutorial

A png to show you the Magic Window .abr. It was created from a photograph I took of a window on a frosty day and taken into PS and converted into a brush.

Introspection and self-immersion still the mood of the day, will go write this up in my dream diary. Make like a mathematician with constipation and work it out with a pencil.

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