Mexican pine cabinet makeover




This week’s makeover is a mexican pine cabinet. It’s not quite finished but you can see how it’s looking so far. It was originally the famous Mr Cheap-as-Chips orange colour but looking a bit worn and tired to go with its glowing tan. For some reason Judith Chalmers came to mind there. It’s that ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue’ radio show … remembering a game with a turned leg and a deep tan …. ha ha

First, I removed all the hinges and put them to one side. Then gave it a good sanding down to get the old varnish off and toothed up. I wiped the cabinet out with some damp cloths and gave it 10 mins or so to let it dry.

I applied a wash of satin finish paint thinned with a little white spirit. Let that dry then added more paint to the wash and stippled the surface areas all over.

When it was thoroughly dry (left it 24 hours), I put the hinges back on and  lined the drawers with some pieces of wall paper.

Looking good and am nearly finished. There’s still a little bit of touching up, mainly behind the doors and insides of drawers but nothing major. The next step might be to stencil something on the side. We shall see on that one.

And how much was it? Let’s just say cheap as chips on that front, too. Really want to know? €10. A steal!

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