Beautiful SVG butterfly card toppers

Well, hello to you today. Hope it’s all good where you are. No complaining from me! The clouds are pure white fluffballs against a cornflower blue sky with the sun smiling down upon it all. It’s just gorgeous!

I’m putting these two card toppers up for sale today. Butterflies in a circle inside a pretty scalloped square. They’re not quite fully cut-out – enough for you to primp their wings back so they look like a gust of wind will carry them off into your garden.

The blue one was made for a 135mm x 135 m  card. You can rescale to your heart’s delight, of course, but they get much more delicate the smaller they go but if you’re happy to be very gentle and pick them off the carrier sheet carefully, you can!



This topper requires a little more in the way of tender treatment to take it  from the carrier sheet. I would recommend that you lift each half of every butterfly’s wing off before pulling the topper off completely. Again this was cut for a 135 x 135 card but I wouldn’t go any smaller. Bigger – Yes! This will scale up very nicely.

You will need a cutting machine like the Silhouette, Cameo, Silver Bullet, Cougar, etc, to cut the file out. The toppers only are for sale, not the card itself. Your electronic template will be sent to you within 24 hours of receiving your payment via Paypal. Please note, the file will be sent to the Paypal account holder’s e-mail unless otherwise directed.

The two templates are €6.50 – you can place your order here:

Beautiful butterfly card topper (€ [price])

Beautiful SVG butterfly card toppers

Thank you for looking.


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