A rocking good way to mess around and fall in love

I wish I had taken the ‘Before’ picture. This rocking chair came from a local auction last week. Nothing much wrong with it except that it was plain, scuffed and lacklustre.

Cost me €7.00 – well can’t get a bag of chips for that so not an expensive outlay!  During the week, I got my wire brushes to it and keyed the whole surface, rubbing away any residual varnish or polish deposits and other detritus that had built up over the years. Nothing was broken; it just wasn’t loved.

Look at it now with a make-over! Vibrant and colourful. This will sit in the sunroom very happily as soon as we’ve finished with it as a junk room/store room/make-over room….

I used a tin and a bit of Balmoral Red Rustoleum paint (adding another €14 or so to the total cost). The cushions were made from material I bought a long time ago from Ikea. I didn’t quite have enough for the big cushion so had to use a different material for the bottom. The filling came from some cushions I had in the cupboard waiting for a project like this.

Am very happy with the way it’s turned out and for a total cost of around €20 (no idea about the fabric cost but it wasn’t expensive and was already in the house) I have a pretty rocking chair.

The cushions I made to practice quilting and joining fabrics together – coming along nicely but not perfect yet. The big buttons in the middle hide a bit of misalignment… a squinch but would niggle  me forever if they were visible. Still, together they work a treat so am happy.


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