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Mexican pine cabinet makeover




This week’s makeover is a mexican pine cabinet. It’s not quite finished but you can see how it’s looking so far. It was originally the famous Mr Cheap-as-Chips orange colour but looking a bit worn and tired to go with its glowing tan. For some reason Judith Chalmers came to mind there. It’s that ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue’ radio show … remembering a game with a turned leg and a deep tan …. ha ha

First, I removed all the hinges and put them to one side. Then gave it a good sanding down to get the old varnish off and toothed up. I wiped the cabinet out with some damp cloths and gave it 10 mins or so to let it dry.

I applied a wash of satin finish paint thinned with a little white spirit. Let that dry then added more paint to the wash and stippled the surface areas all over.

When it was thoroughly dry (left it 24 hours), I put the hinges back on and  lined the drawers with some pieces of wall paper.

Looking good and am nearly finished. There’s still a little bit of touching up, mainly behind the doors and insides of drawers but nothing major. The next step might be to stencil something on the side. We shall see on that one.

And how much was it? Let’s just say cheap as chips on that front, too. Really want to know? €10. A steal!

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Hello Dare!

Thought I’d show you my bookcase make-over. I so wish I’d taken a before shot… but I didn’t. The bookcase came from a local auction house and I paid €25 for it. It’s solid oak and you could use the shelves as a ladder, it’s that sturdy and strong. Couldn’t talk this one down, Ted.

It had a traditional wood finish, old polish or varnish  but the finish had seen better days and was very lacklustre. It was crying out for a make-over.

First I vacuumed it with a soft  brush attachment- there were a few spider exo-skellingtons in the dusty coating on the shelves that skeeved me a bit. (If you’re over six then the real word is exo-skeletons but I have a sentimental attachment to this word).

The case was sanded down to give the wood some tooth and wiped with a damp cloth a few times to get rid of the dust. I mixed up a wash with satin finish paint thinned with a little white spirit. The wash was painted on and worked, ie, brushed until it was tacky and to give a nice weathered or distressed coating. It was left to dry then touched  up here and there.

Finally, got my Cougar on the case and cut a stencil for the words ‘Read Me’ in Brock Script font. Because I didn’t want to merge the letters I had to use thin masking tape in stripes across the stencil to stop the middles of letters like the ‘e’, etc, from dropping out.

The stencil was sprayed with repo glue and fixed in place.  I used a black (fine) Sharpie to outline the letterform then painted inside the lines to fill it in. All that was left to do was fill the shelves with books and take the pictures.

What do you think? I am delighted. The whole process only took a couple of days and that was mainly because it had to dry thoroughly.

So, €25 at the auction. The paint and white spirit used was minimal and we had it in the house already. A spritz of repositionable spray adhesive… I’d say €26 tops. And to think I was going to buy one for €120 somewhere else – smaller, MDF with veneer… So, wow. Just WOW.

Still have more projects waiting. Think I’ll do the doors next.  Brand new with plain glass panels cost €159.99 each from a certain Irish DIY chain store… how much did I pay? For two of them? With pretty patterned glass panels (that exactly matches the glass in my front door) ? How about €10? For the TWO of them. I kid you not.

They’re in great nick but will need a cleaning down, a sanding and want them either given a light wash or gloss white so will be masking off the glass panels. A bit of a chore but really won’t take that long then it’s all fairly easy and quick.

I’ll post the pictures in a week or two. Or however long it takes me to finish off a couple of things I’m working on in the sewing room till I can get to them. Will this pleasure never end?!

Have a good weekend and, if you’re a bargain hunter like me, happy hunting.


Buy, Toppers and Embellishments

Beautiful SVG butterfly card toppers

Well, hello to you today. Hope it’s all good where you are. No complaining from me! The clouds are pure white fluffballs against a cornflower blue sky with the sun smiling down upon it all. It’s just gorgeous!

I’m putting these two card toppers up for sale today. Butterflies in a circle inside a pretty scalloped square. They’re not quite fully cut-out – enough for you to primp their wings back so they look like a gust of wind will carry them off into your garden.

The blue one was made for a 135mm x 135 m  card. You can rescale to your heart’s delight, of course, but they get much more delicate the smaller they go but if you’re happy to be very gentle and pick them off the carrier sheet carefully, you can!



This topper requires a little more in the way of tender treatment to take it  from the carrier sheet. I would recommend that you lift each half of every butterfly’s wing off before pulling the topper off completely. Again this was cut for a 135 x 135 card but I wouldn’t go any smaller. Bigger – Yes! This will scale up very nicely.

You will need a cutting machine like the Silhouette, Cameo, Silver Bullet, Cougar, etc, to cut the file out. The toppers only are for sale, not the card itself. Your electronic template will be sent to you within 24 hours of receiving your payment via Paypal. Please note, the file will be sent to the Paypal account holder’s e-mail unless otherwise directed.

The two templates are €6.50 – you can place your order here:

Beautiful butterfly card topper (€ [price])

Beautiful SVG butterfly card toppers

Thank you for looking.



A rocking good way to mess around and fall in love

I wish I had taken the ‘Before’ picture. This rocking chair came from a local auction last week. Nothing much wrong with it except that it was plain, scuffed and lacklustre.

Cost me €7.00 – well can’t get a bag of chips for that so not an expensive outlay!  During the week, I got my wire brushes to it and keyed the whole surface, rubbing away any residual varnish or polish deposits and other detritus that had built up over the years. Nothing was broken; it just wasn’t loved.

Look at it now with a make-over! Vibrant and colourful. This will sit in the sunroom very happily as soon as we’ve finished with it as a junk room/store room/make-over room….

I used a tin and a bit of Balmoral Red Rustoleum paint (adding another €14 or so to the total cost). The cushions were made from material I bought a long time ago from Ikea. I didn’t quite have enough for the big cushion so had to use a different material for the bottom. The filling came from some cushions I had in the cupboard waiting for a project like this.

Am very happy with the way it’s turned out and for a total cost of around €20 (no idea about the fabric cost but it wasn’t expensive and was already in the house) I have a pretty rocking chair.

The cushions I made to practice quilting and joining fabrics together – coming along nicely but not perfect yet. The big buttons in the middle hide a bit of misalignment… a squinch but would niggle  me forever if they were visible. Still, together they work a treat so am happy.



The Ego

The Ego is not who you really are. The ego is your self-image; it is your social mask; it is the role you are playing. Your social mask thrives on approval. It wants control, and it is sustained by power, because it lives in fear.

If you want to reach a state of bliss, then go beyond your ego and the internal dialogue. Make a decision to relinquish the need to control, the need to be approved, and the need to judge. Those are the three things the ego is doing all the time

Be happy for no reason, like a child. If you are happy for a reason, you’re in trouble, because that reason can be taken from you.

Deepak Chopra

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