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Hello! Hello! Hello!

What sort of weekend did you have? Mine was grand. Went to the auctions on Sunday. Got myself a nice pine wall-mounted wine cabinet thingy. A bit grubby but will clean up with very little elbow grease. Just as well, cos there’s very little grease left on the elbow at the moment. Am feeling tired with all the decorating and doing up stuff. And cleaning. Oh God the cleaning. TV land shows women smiling  at mop buckets full of Ajax and dancing round their kitchens in the joy of the mopping moments. Will this pleasure never end?

I would rather play the ukelele – and that’s saying something! Isn’t that a mad phenomena that’s sweeping the planet at the moment? I know someone who goes off on the train to some county somewhere to join another bunch (band?? really?) of ukelele players in a large public park and plays his ukelele with them for three hours every Sunday.

I was more stunned to see/hear a ukelele version of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and The Cure’s ‘Lovesong on You Tube. Like – WTF???!

I also bought a box of mysterious and wondrous things, a job lot for €7.00. I didn’t pull it all out and have a real good scroot but saw an old, as in VINTAGE, child’s pull along  horsie toy. Thought ‘ That’ll look nice cleaned up (very grubby) with my jars of buttons and beads on its back in the window of my sewing room.

This is the horsie I thought the box was worth a punt for. I think it’s the one I backed in the Grand National.

I must have been out of my tiny mind. It’s dirty, manky, skanky and nasty. It has all the artistic flair of Dougal’s ‘Bishop Brennan in the Skirting Board’ talent. It has no wheels. It’s not functional. Why did I buy it?  I just don’t know! Out of my head or off my tits on something. Must have been. There’s no rational explanation. But it makes me laugh every time I look at it. I mean, look at it! The other mysterious and wondrous things were junk. Of course! Very educational. Well, taught me a lesson! Still, it’s given me some belly laughs as well.

On the way back from the auction, I popped into Hickeys and bought a few notions and things. They have a sale on and have some owl cushions (or pillows?). Very nice but still 12.50 half price.  And if, like the Asian mammy in Goodness Gracious Me, you think ‘I can make it at home for nothing’ (that’s how I think) then maybe you want to have a go at making one from scratch.

I do and will. So I have created a template for the applique pieces and they match the elements you see in the owl graphic above. If you want to make one for yourself, download the PDF and get going. You will need to subscribe but that’s easy enough to do and the template is free.

Free Owl Applique Template PDF: Free Owl Applique Template PDF

Anyway. That’s my weekend for you. Owl be seeing you in all the old familiar places….


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