Three storey house

This house is really quick and easy to make up. Can’t go wrong. Lots of window frames to cut out and stick on but that’s part of the fun. The roof has lots of fish-scale cuts and a flouncy scalloped edging. It stands taller than most of my houses but that’s intentional. I want it as a backdrop for my Christmas arrangement when the time comes. I shall soon have a new town scene ready for some spritzing and glass glitter sprinkling to sit on my winter hearth to sparkle and glow…

Am selling it for €6.00. Usual arrangement – payment to be made through Pay Pal (which will convert currencies, etc) and the electronic template will be sent to the e-mail address of the Pay-Pay account holder – unless directed to do otherwise.

You will need a cutting machine and software, eg, Silhouette, Cameo, Craft Robo, Silver Bullet, Black Cat Cougar, etc that can work with SVG file formats. If you need a different file format, eg, GSD, DXF, .AI, etc, please contact me and I will convert the file for you.

Three-storey, 3D house:

Click here to buy the file 3 storey house (€ 6)

Thanks for looking

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2 Responses to Three storey house

  1. Santini says:

    I’ve followed this blog for a couple of years now – the most beautiful blog I’ve seen. Your house designs (I have several) always cut beautifully and are a joy to make. I also love the fact that your site is so clean – no ads to clutter up the content.

    Thanks for the blog, the files and the good work – keep it up.

    • webmaster says:

      Hello Santini!
      This is an afternoon of return visitors! Yes, I think you have all the 3d houses now – am glad you like them.

      No ads and no linkies. I like my site clean and free from the ‘I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine’ linkies and badges and stuff.

      And as for it being the most beautiful site you’ve ever seen – am blown away. I don’t get many comments and of the few I get, no one has mentioned the site generally, just individual files, but its appearance is very close to my heart.

      Saying you think it beautiful really is music to my ears. I create nearly all the graphical content in Illustrator and Photoshop (where I haven’t I link or credit the originator) and my own photography.

      Thank you for this truly magical comment.

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